Brent presents at national healthcare conferences and provides numerous consultative work sessions with other institutions annually.    In addition, he is a frequent guest lecturer at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health and speaks annually at Emory Goizueta’s Healthcare Conference.

A few recent examples outlined below:

Weill Cornell Leadership Learning Series

December 13, 2012/Manhattan: Presentation to discuss patient access capacity management strategies focused on building master schedules that maximize capacity and implementing techniques to optimize arrival rates and clinic flow.

Call Center Times Annual Conference

June 21, 2012/Philadelphia: Presentation titled “Bringing It All Together: Building an Effective Centralized Scheduling Program.”  Brent spoke about the process of moving from a decentralized call center model to a consolidated and highly optimized center.   He also shared key strategies only available within a consolidated call center environment that will boost performance, improve the patient experience, and reduce costs through eliminating repetitive work.

National Access Symposium

May 16/17, 2012: Brent Bizwell assisted Elizabeth Woodcock to hold the 2012 National Academic Access Symposium in Atlanta, GA.  Brent presented a half-day pre-conference workshop, on consolidating call center operations, workforce management strategies, and maximizing performance.  In addition, Brent spoke on schedule build and optimization techniques during the main conference.  This is the largest annual gathering of Patient Access leaders from over 37 academic institutions across the nation including: ColumbiaDoctors, Dartmouth Hitchcock, Duke University, The Emory Clinic, Geisinger Medical Center, Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, Rush University Medical Center, Stanford University, Tulane University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Wake Forest University Medical Center.    

Rollins School of Public Health Presentation

February 13, 2012:  Conducted a session covering Innovative Resource Strategies in the Healthcare Marketplace with students from Emory Rollins School of Public Health.

Emory Goizueta Healthcare Forum

February 10, 2012:  Member of a panel discussion focused on what stakeholders are doing to fiscally streamline health care organizations, make intelligent investments and increase productivity to meet financial objectives and obligations.  

Faculty Practice Solutions Center Annual Conference 2011

June 9, 2011/Chicago: Presentation at Faculty Practice Solutions Centers on strategies to achieve the Ideal Patient and Family Experience. Brent partnered with Penny Castellano, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer of The Emory Clinic, and Dr. Lynn Webb, Assistance Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs of Vanderbilt. Through these unique perspectives, attendees were able to take patient access solutions back to their facilities to institute the Patient First culture change.

Faculty Practice Solutions Center Annual Conference 2010

June 11, 2010/Chicago: Presentation at Faculty Practice Solutions Centers titled “Effectively Engaging Physicians in Performance Improvement.”  This presentation focused on the important step of creating an awareness of and improving clinical performance with physicians. Session covered how to effectively share and engage physicians with data that integrates them into the performance improvement conversations. The session also covered both effective and ineffective conversations with physicians for communicating performance in the areas of productivity, new patient access, and service.


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Access Advisors

Brent is a proven change agent providing a unique ability to deliver sustainable solutions by integrating his extensive Andersen consulting experience with his extensive provider experience gained during his tenure with Emory Healthcare.  Through these experiences, Brent remained driven to innovate a new science that employs unique methodologies to drive access operations; therefore, in September 2012, Brent founded Access Advisors to partner with health systems interested in transforming their access operations.

Brent’s unique perspective as an independent consultant derives from the following experience:

Emory Healthcare

Brent Bizwell was the Director of Operations for Emory Healthcare, a nationally acclaimed health system in Atlanta, GA.  Brent was a key leader whose responsibilities included transforming the patient and family experience through improving patient access, consolidating and optimizing Emory’s call centers, and innovating new tools to expand provider capacity and appointment utilization.   Brent was able to achieve ambitious goals, including adding an additional 18,000 provider minutes per month into appointment schedules, and successfully consolidating over 190 call center agents across 30 departments.  Brent also directed one of the Four Pillars of Ambulatory Care, which is a governance structure focused on transforming operations in an academic healthcare setting through intentional design and standardization of clinical services.   In addition, Brent served on the Clinic Executive Group, which is responsible for The Emory Clinic’s executive decisions.   Brent was also a leader in Emory’s Patient Financial Services department, focusing on revenue cycle improvement strategies, and playing a key role in the Four Pillars of Revenue Cycle Redesign.

Andersen Healthcare Consulting

Prior to his tenure at Emory Healthcare, Brent was a senior manager with Andersen Healthcare Consulting advising numerous high profile clients including: Duke University Health System, Geisinger Health System, HCA Healthcare, Mount Sinai Medical Centers, New York University Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, among others.

Brent frequently presents at national conferences and advises numerous health systems each year on access strategy and operations.  He is also a frequent guest lecturer at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health.  In addition, Brent was a special contributor to “It’s Your Call: Mastering the Telephones in Your Medical Practice, Woodcock & Walker Keegan, MGMA, 2013.

Brent received his Bachelors in Health Information Management, and in 2006 acquired his Master’s in Business Administration from Emory Goizueta Business School.   He also attended the Executive International Business Program at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.



Capacity Management

  • Attained an additional 22,000 clinic minutes per month through the creation of a schedule enhancement methodology that partners with physicians to increase clinic productivity and revenue.
  • Achieved 2 week access for new patient and priority referring provider requests in 96% of departments.
  • Developed approach to significantly alter new to existing patient ratios and reduce appointment lag time by instituting an efficient master schedule structure, regulating schedule visit types and durations, and standardizing session times.
  • Created a means to evaluate and increase physician productivity through the analysis of key metrics, including: RVU, CFTE, peer review, budget scrutiny, and comparison of intensity of practice with peer physicians.
  • Reconciled budgeted FTEs with actual provider clinic time to maximize clinical productivity.
  • Increased clinic-wide exam room utilization by 20% through efficient reorganization of clinic schedules and shared clinical space.
  • Improved appointment availability for high revenue cases by 34 days through the development of the Green Light program.
  • Architected an approach to reclaim 17% of unutilized capacity resulting from the impact of no-shows and cancellations on a clinic day.
  • Implemented a priority scheduling hotline to meet aggressive access standards set for internal referring providers, Emory employees, and prioritized external providers.


Call Center Management

  • Directed the consolidation of 30 disparate call centers into 2 integrated sites without interruption of care delivery.
  • Managed over 250 employees with more than 3 million annual clinical and non-clinical patient calls.
  • Improved service levels by 26% within the first year of implementing a groundbreaking strategy that created accurate call forecasting, best agent routing, schedule adherence standards, workflow reconfiguration, and “plug-n-play” staffing resources.
  • Constructed a process to allow online patient appointment requests.
  • Built a web based appointment selection workflow to assure appointment scheduling accuracy and eliminate the need for paper.


Revenue Cycle Management

  • Reduced Accounts Receivable from 80 days to 42 days, turning a $59 million loss into an $8 million profit within 4 years.
  • Architected and implemented a scheduling clearance process to target $20 million in outstanding patient balances by engaging patients with excessive past due balances at the point of scheduling.
  • Reduced staff while expanding financial clearance services by implementing a new technology that revolutionized how Emory identifies and resolves patients requiring financial assistance.
  • Managed over 160 employees responsible for insurance verification, pre-certification, financial counseling and employee training.

Access Consulting

Access Advisors Website

If you are interested in learning more about Green Light Access Strategies and how to transform your practice’s operations, please contact Brent today.


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